Dodano: 19 May 2023
1:59 minutes

Information on the program

The program is designed for employers operating manufacturing, construction, retail and service establishments with up to 20 employees.
As of 2021, the program's implementation is supported by the National Association of Occupational Safety and Health Workers.

How does the program work?

The “Earn an SLI Diploma” program is based on the principle of self-inspection, during which the employer, using the publications of the State Labor Inspection (primarily a checklist with commentary) and with the assistance of the labor inspector as an expert, identifies the problems and irregularities occurring at the establishment, assesses their scale and determines ways and time limits for their elimination or reduction.

4-step implementation of the program

  • Step 1: Entering the program. The employer can report to a district labor inspectorate. This can be done throughout the year (by phone, letter, e-mail or in person).
  • Step 2: Training. Training courses are organized by district labor inspectorates. During the training, a labor inspection specialist:
    • conveys knowledge on using the checklist with commentary,
    • notifies the participants of the time allotted for adjusting their workplaces,
    • determines the approximate date for conducting the audit.​
  • Step 3: Implementation. On the basis of the knowledge gained, the program participant independently identifies the irregularities occurring at the plant, assesses the scale of the problems and risks, and then eliminates them within the specified deadlines. A positive result of the participant's activities allows them to undergo an audit.
    Throughout the program, the labor inspector can be called upon for guidance and professional assistance, which greatly facilitates the implementation of the program.
  • Step 4: Audit. The labor inspector evaluates the degree to which the establishment is brought into compliance with current regulations. Their positive assessment results in the employer being recognized and awarded an SLI Diploma.

Advantages for the employer

  • obtaining knowledge in the field of labor law.
  • learning about the principles of organizing safe workplaces and protecting the health of workers under current laws.
  • obtaining assistance from SLI specialists in establishing legal requirements and OSH standards.
  • learning about the requirements that it is necessary to meet in order to operate the company in accordance with the law and make the workplace safe.
  • the opportunity to participate in a free training course, during which one obtains knowledge on how to use the support materials prepared by the SLI, such as:
    "Checklist with commentary. Adjust your establishment to the current labor law", and "Risk assessment in five steps".