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Passing away of Mr Andrzej Kwaliński, Chief Labour Inspector

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It is with deep regret that we advise you of the unexpected passing away of Mr Andrzej Kwaliński, Chief Labour Inspector, on 8 January 2021. Mr Kwaliński was an experienced labour inspector, a respected superior and colleague.

He was professionally active in the National Labour Inspectorate for 36 years. In our inspectorate, he advanced through all levels of the professional career, achieving considerable experience as a labour inspector in the District Labour Inspectorates in Kielce and Warsaw, and in the Chief Labour Inspectorate. He continuously improved his competence as a labour inspector, thus receiving promotions to higher positions. On 23 November 2017 he took the post of a Deputy Chief Labour Inspector, and on 24 September 2020 was appointed Chief Labour Inspector.

His death has left his co-workers deeply grieved.