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Dodano: 19 May 2023
1:24 minutes

Employers' obligations

One of the primary obligations of employers under the Labor Code is to protect the health and life of employees by ensuring safe and healthy working conditions. To achieve this, a properly conducted occupational risk assessment is essential. Unfortunately, the experience of labor inspectors during controls shows that employers are not always aware of its importance. At times, in some companies, occupational risk assessment is treated as an unnecessary statutory obligation. This attitude is primarily due to insufficient knowledge of the subject. 

Information on the program

To build awareness of the importance of proper occupational risk assessment as a key element of safety management and accident prevention, as well as to provide expert support to Polish companies, in 2022 the National Labor Inspectorate launched the "Effective Occupational Risk Management" program.
An important element of the program is training for employers, during which the following are discussed: the assumptions of the program, the principles of estimating occupational risk, identifying risks in the workplace, documenting the results of the assessment, taking action to eliminate or reduce occupational risk and cooperating with employees in this regard, as well as correct analysis determining the causes and circumstances of accidents at work and eliminating their recurrence. Employers who join the program, in addition to practical knowledge, receive expert assistance from labor inspectors in implementing safety management and eliminating irregularities. The successful passing of a follow-up inspection is a confirmation of corrective measures having been properly carried out in the company.

 Advantages for the employer:

  • free specialized training,
  • access to thematic instructional materials and guides,
  • expert support of labor inspectors in the elimination of risks,
  • comprehensive audit of working conditions,
  • a safe and healthy workplace.

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