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Małgorzata Dziemińska

Małgorzata Dziemińska

Deputy Chief Labour Inspector

Małgorzata Zofia Dziemińska graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University in 1998, with a master’s degree in law, and in 2006 she completed postgraduate studies in management of health and safety in the workplace, thanks to which she has knowledge of both legal and technical issues related to ergonomics and OSH.

Professional work and specialisation

She has job seniority of almost 26 years. She has been working for the National Labour Inspectorate for over 23 years after her employment by the District Labour Inspectorate in Warsaw in December 1998. After completing labour inspector training in 2001, Ms Dziemińska inspected and supervised compliance with labour law provisions in companies from various sectors, both in terms of legal protection of labour, and OSH. She worked at posts of a labour inspector, senior labour inspector and principal labour inspector managing a team of employees.

She was responsible for implementing the National Labour Inspectorate’s new tasks related to legality of employment and employment of foreigners. She also cooperated with trade union organisations in enterprises. In May 2009, Ms Dziemińska was employed at the Chief Labour Inspectorate as a chief specialist in the Legal Department. She represented the NLI in works of sub-committees and committees of the Seym and Senate, attended meetings of the Social Dialogue Council, cooperated with the national level social partners and employers’ organisations, participated in legislative processes, and prepared materials for sessions of the Committee for State Supervision and Labour Protection Council.

Ms Dziemińska cooperated with representatives of ministries and central authorities, in particular from: the Chief Inspectorate for Road Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Social Insurance Institution and the Financial Supervision Authority. She was actively involved in implementing the National Labour Inspectorate’s new competences related to entry into force of the act on employee capital plans.

On March 24, 2022. Malgorzata Dzieminska was appointed Deputy Chief Labor Inspector by the Speaker of the Polish Parliament Elżbieta Witek.


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