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Dodano: 19 May 2023
2:37 minutes

The “CONSTRUCTION. STOP ACCIDENTS!” campaign includes control, prevention and educational activities addressed to employers and employees in the construction industry. The main objective of the activities is to radically reduce the occurrence of accident hazards on Polish construction sites. 

Scope of control

The inspections will primarily cover occupational safety and health issues, and special attention will be paid to the elimination of direct threats to the life or health of workers, and to other irregularities resulting in the highest number of occupational accidents over the years. In addition, comprehensive inspections will be carried out, also covering legal protection of labor and the legality of employment, and intensified supervision of working conditions will be carried out at construction sites where there might be a particularly high risk of accidents. 

Who is it aimed at

Given the accident statistics and the irregularities uncovered during inspections, we want to reach everyone who has an impact on the safety of work on construction sites, primarily employers, employees and representatives of the health and safety service. 

Campaign goals

  • Increasing awareness of occupational hazards in the construction industry, especially hazards associated with working at heights, in trenches, and operating construction machinery. Fostering the involvement of target groups in activities aimed at improving OSH standards;
  • Popularizing and raising awareness of the use of collective protection measures, with particular attention to collective protection measures used in particularly hazardous work (work at height, work in trenches);
  • Disseminating information on the proper use of personal protective equipment where collective protection cannot be used;
  • Promoting good practices for comprehensive safety management on construction sites. 

What we offer

During the campaign, we plan to conduct training sessions at construction sites, provide advice to employers, promote good labor safety practices in construction, and distribute self-education materials aimed at the construction industry. In addition, it is important to encourage all employers and employees to take advantage of the offer of our free publications prepared specifically for the construction industry. Working at heights, excavation work, safety at workplaces, mechanical and manual transport on the construction site, the duties of the construction manager, are just some of the issues covered in brochures, leaflets, and health and safety cards.

We also plan to strengthen our informative and educational actions through activities conducted in the media. It is important that the campaign's message reach not only those working on Polish construction sites on a daily basis. It is also necessary to draw the attention of investors to the need to take into account expenditures on labor safety already at the stage of investment planning, as well as the role of investor supervision of contractors in the field of occupational safety and health. The campaign will provide people not connected with the construction industry with information that there are a lot of risks to the life and health of workers on construction sites, that the industry has high accident rates, especially regarding fatal and serious accidents. This will help to increase the lack of acceptance of behavior inconsistent with construction safety rules, and awareness of the need to use of measures to reduce the risk of accidents even in minor construction work performed or commissioned.


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