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Dodano: 19 May 2023
0:54 minutes

“Safety Culture” is an educational program implemented by the National Labor Inspectorate among high school and university students since 2006.
More than 40% of serious and fatal accidents affect young and inexperienced workers in their first year of work. A huge role in reducing accidents at work is played by developing a feeling responsibility and the habit of performing work safely. The greatest effects are achieved when this process is started as early as possible, which is why the National Labor Inspectorate is taking educational measures to shape a safety culture also among children and young people.

Aims of the program

  • Raising the level of knowledge among school and university students about legal labor protection and safe and healthy working conditions.
  • Shaping awareness of occupational hazards occurring in the work environment among students over 15 years of age and university students (especially those studying occupations performed in high-risk industries, such as construction).
  • Promoting issues related to compliance with labor law, especially the issue of concluding employment contracts, including civil law contracts, taking up seasonal and holiday work and the issue of the legality of employment.



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