Deputy Chief Labour Inspector

Deputy Chief Labour Inspector Bogdan Drzastwa 

Bogdan Drzastwa 2
Bogdan Drzastwa – MSc in Agriculture, a labour inspector. He graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at the Agricultural Academy in Szczecin.

He has 35 years of professional experience. For over 9 years he worked in a State Agricultural Farm in Budzistowo, where he learned, in practical terms, the hazards associated with the agricultural sector, which facilitated the identification of the main hazards and the assessment of risks from the perspective of a labour inspector.

In 1992 he was employed in the District Labour Inspectorate in Koszalin, and from  1999, due to the administrative reform in Poland, he was transferred to the District Labour Inspectorate in Szczecin. In 1993 he completed his labour inspector’s training and from that year on he carried out his tasks connected with the execution and supervision of inspection activities in the following positions: labour inspector, senior labour inspector and from 2002, after obtaining the specialist title in health and safety at work in the health care institutions – senior labour inspector specialist. In 2005  he was promoted to the position of principal labour inspector. From 2007 to 2013 he acted as the principal labour inspector – Head of the Koszalin Division of the NLI. In March 2017 the Chief Labour Inspector entrusted him with the duties of the District Labour Inspector in Bydgoszcz. From 2011 Mr Drzastwa has performed the function of a court expert in health and safety at work, at the District Court in Koszalin. On 23 November 2017, Mr Bogdan Drzastwa was appointed by the Speaker of the Sejm, Mr Marek Kuchciński to the position of Deputy Chief Labour Inspector.


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