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Kiev, 19-21 May 2015 – Tripartite workshop “Organising a system of labour inspection in Ukraine”

The National Labour Inspectorate was invited by the International Labour Organisation to participate in a workshop on “Organising a system of labour inspection in Ukraine”, on 19-21 May 2015 in Kiev. The Polish labour inspection was represented by Piotr Skwarek, Deputy District Labour Inspector in Lublin and Roman Głogowski, junior labour inspector at the District Labour Inspectorate in Lublin. The aim of the workshop was to evaluate the Charter of the State Labour Service of Ukraine against international standards and good practices, and to discuss the measures intended to build an efficient labour inspection in Ukraine. The Polish delegates were asked to present the reform of the labour inspection in Poland while having been given discretion to choose aspects of particular relevance.

Kijów maj 2015