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Warsaw, 26 March 2015 – Meeting with the representatives of the Austrian trade union central office and the representatives of the All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ)

On 26 March 2015, the Chief Labour Inspectorate received the representatives of the Austrian Federation of Trade Unions ÖGB invited by the All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ) to participate in a study visit to Poland. The meeting at the Chief Labour Inspectorate, with the participation of the management of OPZZ and the Forum of Trade Unions, was held at the working level. The aim of the meeting was to provide the Austrian delegation with information on the organisational structure of the National Labour Inspectorate, its scope of competence, and various aspects of inspection and prevention activity of the NLI. The meeting was attended by Iwona Hickiewicz, Chief Labour Inspector, Jan Guz, president of OPZZ, Stanisław Stolorz, vice-president of the Forum of Trade Unions and a representative of the Embassy of Austria in Poland. 

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