Sofia, 22- 23 May 2018 – Meeting of the Senior Labour Inspectors’ Committee

 ‘Fine-tuning Interventions through Better Targeting of Labour Inspection’ was the topic of the conference organized during the 74th Meeting of the Senior Labour Inspectors’ Committee (SLIC), which took place in Sofia, on 22-23 May.

SLIC 2018

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the National Labour Inspectorate: Mr Wiesław Łyszczek, Chief Labour Inspector, Ms Iwona Hadacz, Deputy Director of the Human Resources and Training Department and Mr Robert Jaworski, chief specialist at the International Relations Unit in the Chief Labour Inspector’s Cabinet. The Thematic Day preceding the plenary meeting focused on presentations of the experiences of the labour inspectorates of the Member States, related to the planning and  evaluation of  proactive control measures and  selection of target groups in order to obtain maximum effectiveness of actions taken by the inspection bodies.

On the second day of the meeting a plenary session was organised, which aimed to summarize the actions taken so far and to agree on the new ones.



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