Warsaw, 6 September 2018 - Visit of the Danish delegation

On 6 September 2018, at the Chief Labour Inspectorate in Warsaw, the National Labour Inspectorate’s management met with the delegation of the Danish Working Environment Authority (DWEA).

This meeting in Poland was the result of signing the cooperation agreement concluded last year between the two authorities in Copenhagen. The three-person delegation was led by Ms. Vibe Westh, the Deputy Director General.

Dania 1

The Chief Labour Inspector, Mr. Wiesław Łyszczek in his welcome speech expressed his satisfaction with the possibility of welcoming the Danish delegation and of exchanging experiences in all areas of common interest. Moreover, he emphasized that compliance by employers posting workers abroad with the legal requirements can be improved if they are aware of the close cooperation between the inspection services of the sending and the host countries.

Dania 2

The Director of the Supervision and Inspection Department at the Chief Labour Inspectorate, Mr. Jakub Chojnicki presented the objectives of the strategy of the ‘First inspection of employers’, introduced by the NLI in March 2016. He mentioned the effects of its implementation in the last year, the rules of selecting employers for inspections and the conclusions of labour inspectors.

Dania 3

Ms. Karolina Główczyńska-Woelke, Head of the Work Accidents Unit within the Supervision and Inspection Department, explained the legal bases of investigation of work accidents by the NLI’s labour inspectors, the definition and the types of such incidents, the rules of post-accident investigations, as well as the statistics on work-related accidents in the last three years and on those among foreign workers in Poland in the current year.

The Director of the Danish inspection, Ms. Vibe Westh also discussed the topic of accidents in her presentation, with a particular focus on incidents that occurred in Denmark with the participation of Polish citizens. The accident rate among the workers from Poland is lower than the rate for the total labour force in Denmark. The Polish party requested the DWEA to check the legal possibility of transmitting to the NLI the information on those companies where the accidents occurred.

The Director of the Prevention and Promotion Department, Mr. Zbigniew Kowalczyk, acquainted the guests with various forms of the NLI’s preventive and promotional activities. Subsequently, the Director of the Legality of Employment Department, Mr. Jarosław Leśniewski, described the national provisions on the posting of workers, the tasks and actions of the National Labour Inspectorate in this area, and this year’s cooperation of the both authorities regarding the posting of workers. He additionally explained the mechanism of obtaining information in order to transmit it to the foreign services. In this context, the Danish inspection’s representatives expressed their gratitude for the timeliness in sending the useful data.

The parties also discussed what mandatory information entrepreneurs have to provide to inspection services in statements on the posting of workers. Moreover, the guests explained the amendment to the Danish provisions concerning the posting of workers, according to which the failure of the foreign entrepreneur to notify the Register of Foreign Service Providers of the works carried out in Denmark has been subject to high penalties since July 2018.

The meeting was also attended by: Ms. Ewa Dośla, Director of the Chief Labour Inspector’s Cabinet, Ms. Marta Chodorowska, Head of the International Relations Unit at the Chief Labour Inspectorate and Ms. Teresa Jastrzębska, chief specialist in the International Relations Unit.

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