Warsaw, 13 September 2018 – Visit of the Philippine delegation at the Chief Labour Inspectorate

On 13 September 2018, the Chief Labour Inspectorate hosted a meeting of the National Labour Inspectorate’s Management - Mr Wiesław Łyszczek,  Chief Labour Inspector and Mr Bogdan Drzastwa,  Deputy Chief Labour Inspector with the Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines – Ms Patricia Ann Paez, accompanied by Ms Maria Alnee A. Gamble, Consul at the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines and Mr Ramon Ebalo, Attaché at the Embassy.

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On the demand of the guests, the representatives of the National Labour Inspectorate explained the requirements regarding  employment of  foreigners in Poland. The topics discussed were i.a.  provisions regulating the working hours of  drivers, also in the international transport,  rules concerning the accident and the health insurance of these workers,  differences between  work on the basis of an employment contract and civil-law contracts. The Vice-director of the Legality of Employment Department, Mr Michał Tyczyński discussed the measures undertaken by the inspection services with regard to the companies employing  foreigners in Poland, including the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines.

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The National Labour Inspectorate’s Management assured the Philippine delegation of the willingness of the Polish labour inspection services to continue to provide advice and information and agreed to support the Embassy during their information activities planned for the benefit of the citizens of the Philippines.

The meeting was also attended by Ms Katarzyna Klepczyńska,  Vice-director of the Chief Labour Inspector’s Cabinet, Mr Paweł Żukowski,  senior specialist in the Legal Department and Ms Marta Chodorowska,  Head of the International Relations Unit at the Chief Labour Inspectorate.

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