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Brussels, 9-10 January 2019 – EUROPOSTING project kick-off meeting

A seminar initiating another, 5th EUROPOSTING project was held on 9 and 10 January 2019 in Brussels. The theme of the new project, in which the National Labour Inspectorate is one of the participants, is boosting transnational cooperation on posting of workers.


The kick-off meeting was attended by representatives of public authorities from several EU countries, as well as by members of European federations of trade unions and employers’ organisations. The National Labour Inspectorate was represented by Bogdan Drzastwa, Deputy Chief Labour Inspector.

During the two-day meeting, the project coordinators from the French Institute of Labour, Employment and Professional Training as well as an expert from the Tilburg University talked about the activities conducted in previous EUROPOSTING projects and presented stages, aims and objectives of the new project. Representatives of various partnering institutions discussed their experience from the participation in the project in the past years and emphasized the value of its outcomes, such as developing a network of professionals and enhancing cross-border cooperation in the area of posting of workers.

The participants of the meeting also expressed their expectations as to the future project activities, which will include, among others, joint transnational inspections conducted by labour inspectors from different countries. There was also a working session aimed at drafting first cooperation plans which will be implemented further in the project.

The kick-off meeting was also attended by Nina Dulna from the International Relations Unit.      

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