International youth group visit

On 14 February 2018 a large group of international youth visited the Chief Labour Inspectorate. The meeting was a part of workshops on labour market, prospects and changes in the world of labour.


The meeting took place at the request of NSZZ Solidarność Trade Union in collaboration with the French Confrontation Europe organization. The youth delegation consisted of representatives from Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Serbia and Poland. NSZZ Solidarność Trade Union was represented by Mateusz Szymański from the Expert, Dialogue and Social Policy Bureau of the Trade Union’s National Committee.


The guests were welcomed by the Chief Labour Inspector, Wiesław Łyszczek, who briefly mentioned the most important tasks of the Inspectorate, its place in state administration structures and this year’s centennial of the creation of the institution. A commemorative exhibition prepared on that occasion was presented by Jacek Pawilonis from the Prevention and Promotion Department. Next, Jarosław Leśniewski, the Director of the Legality of Employment Department, answered the visitors’ questions and discussed the possibilities of receiving advice from the NLI staff, lodging complaints with NLI, the inspection measures implemented as a consequence of lodged complaints, and the role of the Inspectorate whenever there is the potential need to press charges. He also mentioned the matter of posted workers and, consequently, the cross-border cooperation of competent inspection authorities. Other participants of the meeting were Ewa Dośla, the Director of the Chief Labour Inspector’s Cabinet, and Jakub Chojnicki, the Director of the Supervision and Inspection Department. 


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