Meeting with the Ambassador of Albania

On 5 April 2019 at the seat of the Chief Labour Inspectorate in Warsaw, the Chief Labour Inspector, Wiesław Łyszczek, met the Ambassador of the Albanian Republic, Shpresa Kureta, who was accompanied by her co-workers.


The subject of the meeting, initiated by the diplomatic mission, were issues concerning the employment of Albanian workers by Polish employers, including the legal basis of a stay and employment in Poland, remuneration and working conditions, rights and obligations of the workers. The Embassy representatives were informed about the organisational structure and powers of the National Labour Inspectorate as well as the NLI Legal Counselling Centre which provides services for foreign workers in English. Another issue that was discussed were the most important directions of international cooperation of the labour inspection.


The Chief Labour Inspector declared his support for the Embassy’s actions aimed at informing Albanian workers about the employment conditions in Poland – also through organising training sessions on the subject.


Other NLI staff who attended the meeting were: Bogdan Drzastwa – the Deputy Chief Labour Inspector, Ewa Dośla – the Director of the Chief Labour Inspector’s Cabinet, and Wojciech Gonciarz – the Director of the Legal Department at the Chief Labour Inspectorate.