In France on temporary workers

On 6-7 May 2019 in Marcy l’Etoile, France, the seat of the National Institute for Labour, Employment and Vocational Training, Polish delegation headed by Wiesław Łyszczek, the Chief Labour Inspector, attended a conference on the subject of “OSH of Temporary Agency Workers”. 

During the conference which summarised the European Campaign of the Senior Labour Inspectors Committee, the National Labour Inspectorate was also represented by: Jarosław Leśniewski, the Director of the Legality of Employment Department at the Chief Labour Inspectorate, Jakub Chojnicki, the Director of the Supervision and Inspection Department at the CLI, and Nina Dulna, an interpreter from the International Relations Unit.


On the first day of the conference, the campaign coordinators discussed its main goals and presented the data from inspections of temporary work agencies and employers-users conducted within its framework. Further on, round table discussions were held and representatives of member state labour inspectorates presented their experiences from national inspection and informative activities implementation within the SLIC campaign framework.


The discussions on the second day of the conference were devoted to the participants’ experiences of cross-border inspections concerning the occupational safety and health of temporary agency workers. Next, the NLI representatives took part in workshops on the dual responsibility for OSH matters ensuing from the contracts concluded between employers-users and temporary work agencies and the problems resulting from the varying transposition of the 91/383/EEC Directive into the national regulations of the member states.