SLIC meeting in Bucharest

Bogdan Drzastwa, the Deputy Chief Inspector, took part in the 76th plenary meeting of the SLIC Committee which took place on 15-16 May 2019 in Bucharest.


Activities of the Committee and its working groups, both completed and ongoing, were discussed during the plenary proceedings. A revised version of the manual on performing evaluations of national Labour Inspection systems by SLIC and a guidebook entitled “Common standards for OSH inspector training programme” were approved.


In his speech, Bogdan Drzastwa announced this year’s 100th anniversary of the Polish Labour Inspection activities and, on behalf of the Chief Labour Inspector, Wiesław Łyszczek, invited the EU labour inspections’ representatives to an international conference in September 2019 in the NLI’s Training Centre in Wrocław, organised to mark this occasion.


During the SLIC Thematic Day conference held under the motto “Preparing for the future - NLI's and their role in OSH education”, there were presentations on the examples of actions undertaken in Germany, Belgium, Portugal and Romania. The participants were also able to present initiatives and share information during group discussions. Because of her participation in the Working Group concerned with organising the event, Ewa Łowicka, a senior labour inspector in the District Labour Inspectorate in Olsztyn, also took part in the conference.

Teresa Jastrzębska, chief specialist, an interpreter from the International Relations Unit of the Chief Labour Inspectorate, was part of the National Labour Inspectorate’s delegation to the 76th SLIC meeting in Bucharest.