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Meeting of the heads of labour inspectorates of the Visegrad Group

On 3-4 June 2019, a meeting was held in Košice, Slovakia, gathering heads of the labour inspection authorities of the Visegrad Group Member States. The hosting authority was the National Labour Inspectorate of the Slovak Republic.


The main topics discussed, in line with the priorities of the Slovak Presidency in V4 Group, were: illegal employment as well as preventive and promotional activities in the area of occupational safety and health.


Apart from the presentations made by the delegates of the attending authorities, the program of the meeting included also exchange of experiences and best practices. The participants discussed prospects of further transnational cooperation in combatting illegal employment and prevention and promotional activities, including especially media campaigns, preventive programs and thematic publications for employers and employees.


The National Labour Inspectorate in Poland was represented by: Bogdan Drzastwa, Deputy Chief Labour Inspector, Wojciech Gonciarz, Director of the Legal Department at the Chief Labour Inspectorate, Jarosław Leśniewski, Director of the Legality of Employment Department and Robert Jaworski, chief specialist in the Legality of Employment Department at the Chief Labour Inspectorate.