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Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the NLI

On 28 May 2019 at the National Theatre in Warsaw the key event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the creation of the National Labour Inspectorate took place. It was attended by the representatives of the President of the Republic of Poland, the government, the parliament, institutional and social partners of the NLI, the academic community, social and political organisations, the clergy, and labour inspectorate staff.

Speaking to the participants of the meeting, its host – the Chief Labour Inspector, Wiesław Łyszczek, highlighted the fact that the beginnings of labour inspection in Poland are tightly connected to the regaining of the independence of our homeland. The decree on setting up labour inspection signed by the Chief of State, Józef Piłsudski, as early as on 3 January 1919 was one the first and most important acts in the important work of building the system for the protection of work, and it charted the course of common endeavours for the protection of safety of the Polish working people. Thanks to the effort and commitment of the first labour inspectors, the inspectorate has become an institution both necessary and respected.

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“We are entering our second period of 100 years with a deep sense of care for the workers. This has always been the basis of the labour inspection’s existence from its very beginning and it is just as live an issue nowadays. The course of the inspectorate’s action is charted by the words of St. John Paul II which are placed on the banner of the National Labour Inspectorate: ‘the ultimate objective of work is always a person’” – said the Chief of NLI.

Wiesław Łyszczek reminisced about the profiles of some of the chief labour inspectors who substantially contributed to the development of the office: Franciszek Sokal, Marian Klott, Tadeusz Sułkowski, Anna Hintz, Roman Giedrojć. Mr Łyszczek highlighted that each of those people contributed to the improvement of the observance of law in our country and made their mark in the structure of the effective and professional labour inspection.

“I pay tribute to the memory of all the late staff members of our institution, the past generations of creators and builders of the Polish Labour Inspectorate” the host said towards the end of his speech.

Minister Halina Szymańska, Chief of the Chancellery of the President, read out a congratulatory letter from Andrzej Duda. In it, the Polish President expressed his appreciation of all those who continue the proud tradition of the National Labour Inspectorate by serving the Republic of Poland and the millions of Polish workers. “You perform a difficult and responsible work which requires unique determination and maintaining the highest standards of conscientiousness,” wrote Andrzej Duda and he thanked the generations of Polish labour inspectors who tirelessly helped build trust for their institution throughout the past century.

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During the event a film celebrating the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Inspectorate was screened, it depicted the past and the present of the National Labour Inspectorate. It was prepared by the NLI staff. The entertainment part of the celebrations included the performance of the Warsaw School of Economics Song and Dance Group, which thrilled the audience.

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