77th SLIC plenary meeting

On 17 and 18 October 2019, the Chief Labour Inspector Wiesław Łyszczek took part in the 77th plenary session of the Senior Labour Inspectors’ Committee in Helsinki.


The meeting of the EU labour inspectorates’ management was organised primarily to discuss new priorities of the EU with regard to OSH which will be put forward to be considered by the European Commission for inclusion in the next strategic document. Furthermore, the discussion concerned the priorities and concrete actions which should be included in the next plan of work of the SLIC committee and its working groups. Both issues will be the subject of continued consultations, discussions within the SLIC working groups and the topic of the SLIC session in Croatia next year.

The topic of the Thematic Day Conference was ‘Future forms of Work and National Labour Inspectorates’. It was noted that the described developments (complex subcontracting, engaging employees through internet platforms, cross-border work relationships, the increasing influence of digitalisation on performing work, etc.) no longer fall within the sphere of conjecture, instead they are very much present. The participants of the meeting, apart from listening to a few papers, had the chance to participate in interesting discussions held in more narrow groups.  

Because of her involvement in the Working Group organising the event, Ewa Łowicka, a senior inspector at the District Labour Inspectorate in Olsztyn, also participated in the Thematic Day.