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Meeting with the representative of the US Department of State.

On 15 November 2019 at the Chief Labour Inspectorate there was a meeting of the Deputy Chief Labour Inspector Bogdan Drzastwa with the representative of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons at the US Department of State – Atsuki Takahashi.


The mission of the Office is to research human trafficking and to develop help and prevention programmes both on national and international level. The Office releases an annual report on human trafficking covering around 190 countries. The aim of the report is to raise social awareness and prevent trafficking in persons and exploitation of human beings, also for forced labour.

During the meeting there was a discussion on the role of the National Labour Inspectorate in detecting and preventing human trafficking, training programmes for inspectors and collaboration with other services and bodies involved in the prosecution of the criminal offences of human trafficking, including the Border Guard or the Police.

The discussion also covered the issue of the increased inflow to Poland of migrant workers from the so called third countries, and the NLI activities outside control and inspection aimed at foreigners. One of the examples is the three-year information-prevention campaign „I work legally”, the purpose of which was to raise the awareness of employers and workers with regard to the rules of employment as described in the provisions of labour law.

Atsuki Takahashi was accompanied at the meeting by Katarzyna Dragan,  Political Assistant at the US Embassy in Warsaw.

The National Labour Inspectorate was also represented by: Izabella Czopik, Deputy Director of the Planning, Analysis and Statistics Department at the Chief Labour Inspectorate, Bartosz Kopeć, a Specialist at the Legal Department at CLI, and Robert Jaworski from the Legality of Employment Department at CLI.