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Dodano: 24 January 2024
2:10 minutes
Chief Labour Inspector Katarzyna Łażewska-Hrycko and Alicia Irene Falkowski, Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina

On 11 January 2024, Chief Labour Inspector Katarzyna Łażewska-Hrycko met with Alicia Irene Falkowski, Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina in Warsaw. The subject of the meeting was the situation of Argentinian citizens performing work in Poland.

During the meeting at the Chief labour Inspectorate conditions and principles of taking up work in Poland by foreigners were discussed. Madam Ambassador was particularly interested in the instruments that State Labour Inspection possesses in activities undertaken for the benefit of citizens of other countries in order to eliminate labour abuses committed to the detriment of foreigners.

Jarosław Leśniewki, Deputy Chief Labour Inspector, and Dariusz Górski,  Director of the Legality of Employment Department, took part in the meeting as well. They underlined the necessity of providing foreigners with information on terms and conditions of legal work in Poland before the arrival, including by diplomatic mission’s websites (Polish in Argentina and Argentinian in Warsaw). The idea was met with high praise from the Argentinian side. As an example of good practices, an informative material prepared in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico in Poland, for persons interested in work in Poland, was presented.

Madam Ambassador, acknowledging the educative value of the material, expressed willingness and readiness to collaborate on the preparation of a corresponding leaflet for the citizens of Argentina. Head of the State Labour Inspection drew attention on the issue of free legal advice offered by the State Labour Inspection employees, both at the central level in the Chief Labour Inspectorate and locally through district labour inspectorates to all interested parties, using various communication channels. Regarding control and supervisory activities of the State Labour Inspection, it was emphasised that inspections are to eliminate irregularities concerning all workers, regardless of their nationality, and the fact that an inspection is undertaken following a complaint is not disclosed to the inspected employer, as a rule.

During the discussion, examples of foreign workers using the help of intermediaries through whom they are looking for employment in Poland, and hazards connected with such means of obtaining work were indicated. Types of agreements which allow employment in Poland were discussed. Both Katarzyna Łażewska-Hrycko and Alicia Irene Falkowski declared their willingness to continue the collaboration between the State Labour Inspection and diplomatic mission of the Republic of Argentina in Warsaw. Its manifestation may be various types of initiatives addressed to citizens of Argentina working in Poland, so as to minimize the risk of irregularities committed to their detriment by employers who do not comply with applicable regulations in the field of legal labour protection, occupational health and safety, and legality of employment.


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