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Dodano: 3 November 2023
1:13 minutes

On 25-26 October 2023, Katarzyna Łażewska-Hrycko, Chief Labour Inspector, attended the 84th plenary meeting of the Senior Labour Inspectors’ Committee (SLIC) and Thematic Day conference, held in Madrid.

The Polish delegation also comprised: Michał Wyszkowski, Deputy District Labour Inspector in Poznań, as chair of the SLIC Working Group on General Enforcement Aspects (WG GEA), and Karolina Główczyńska-Woelke, Head of Accidents at Work Unit, as a discussion moderator on behalf of the Strategy Working Group on the first day, as well as Teresa Jastrzębska, chief specialist in the International Relations Unit, as an interpreter.

At the plenary session, amended mandates of two SLIC working groups were adopted. The SLIC members were acquainted with the content of the SLIC guide describing common standards of a training programme for labour inspectors, as well as the assumptions and preparations for the European SLIC campaign on accidents at work to be launched next year.

The Thematic Day was devoted to a midterm review of the “EU Strategic Framework on Health and Safety at Work 2021-2027: Occupational Safety and Health in a Changing World of Work”. Examples of innovative national solutions were presented by representatives of the labour inspectorates from Estonia, France, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Spain. Additionally, discussions in groups focused on issues such as psychosocial hazards for labour inspectors and at company level, plus challenges to labour inspectorates posed by climate change. Discussion in one of the groups was moderated by Michał Wyszkowski.


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